My Biggest Fan

BestBeloved01Some days, I just need a cheerleader to tell me I can do anything.

Some days, I need to be told I’m heading the wrong direction.

Some days, I need someone to let me cry over nothing.

Some days, I need to know that my failure wasn’t so bad.

Some days, I need someone to laugh at my jokes.

Some days, I need someone to laugh at me, so I don’t take myself too seriously.

Most days, I need ’em all.

And every day, I get exactly what I need.

December 26th was our 10th anniversary. Here’s to 10 million more.


7 thoughts on “My Biggest Fan

    1. I am your only photographer. Every great picture of you is one I took.

      Except the graduation photo on my desk. I think if I’d have seen that 32 years ago, our history might have been a wee bit different.

  1. HUGE congratulations, Joel and Sue Lynn.

    What an expression of love.

    I toast you with my bottle of Costco water here at the desk.

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