Music at the Point of Inception: Guest Post by Charlie Cheney

[l1]S[/l1]ongwriter comes first in Charlie Cheney‘s bio (the one in my head,) though I know he’s a devoted husband and loving father, a software geek, and an adventurer extraordinaire. I decided to share his abortive attempt just as he sent it to me, because Charlie appreciates my sense of humour. Most of the time.

People ask me what kind of music I like and only recently have I realized that I like “new” music. And not just any new music… I like music at the point of inception. I like hearing songs that were literally just written that day by people I’m lucky enough to be around as they write.

Well, I thought I could just whip up 500 words but I ran out of steam… back to coding. The new Indie Band Manager is almost ready. I have it running on my iPod, iPad, and MacBook Pro here at a Panera in Boston as I listen to the easy listening instrumentals piping in over the restaurant speakers, nursing a cold coffee for a place to sit and code.

Hope you’re well. -Charle

You can listen to a bunch of Charlie’s great songs at his website. Palmer Johnson Yacht, Star of a Fish, and The Gene Autry Memorial Interchange are some of my favorites. There’s something there for everyone.

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