Museum of Making Music

[l1]B[/l1]ernie met us at the door.

“We close in an hour. An hour isn’t long enough.”

I had been cheered by the fact that we walked through the front doors without being charged, but over Bernie’s shoulder I saw the Admissions desk with its $5 fee posted. $5 isn’t much, but we didn’t have it. I didn’t tell Bernie.

To prove his point, Bernie, one of the docents, took us on a lightening tour. Ten minutes later, it was clear that, as my brother is wont to say, the admission would be cheap at twice the price.

Breaking the last century arbitrarily into 5 eras, displays throughout the museum contain over 450 instruments and and endless variety of interactive exhibits. The Martin guitar display boasts one of two 045 Jimmy Rodgers Martins and Eric Clapton’s 000-28 Martin acoustic. As you walk into the lobby, there

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