More Than One Way to Write a Cat Story

carved in stoneWhen I talk about your time writing, what picture comes into your mind?

For most of you, I suspect it’s about clattering away on a computer keyboard. (Or, if you have a Mac, gently gliding over its delicate surface, nudging the keys toward their destination.)

Have you ever tried writing whatever it is you write using some other method?

Have you ever tried writing with your voice, using a recorder? Not just taking notes or giving yourself reminders, but putting in your 15 daily minutes that way?

What about a pen or pencil on a notepad or notebook?

How about dictating to another person?

“Writing” does not have to mean what it means to you right now. Using different physical methods affects how your brain reacts, what messages it sends you.

Try each of these. Tell the rest of us how it felt. Experiment. Give each a real chance, and you may find a new way to work, even if only part of the time.

I don’t recommend etching your words in stone until after your editor has seen them. I’m itching to get an old electric typewriter and bang away on real paper. I used to have a little portable Royal I loved.

4 thoughts on “More Than One Way to Write a Cat Story

  1. I have a hand injury from a previous accident. Can’t write with pencil. Nobody has time to listen to me dictate. I am currently doing audio books, voice gets tired after 1 hour. Therefore…typing away is the only way for me.

  2. I’ll use whatever tool I have handy to write. Sometimes it’s been pen and paper or my phone to take a note or write something more lengthy and email it to myself. I haven’t tried recording yet, so that’s an option.

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