More Than Just a Story


I want my books to do more than tell a good story.

I want my books to help my readers live better lives.

That’s a grand goal for light mysteries. If I hit it, though, they’re less light, aren’t they?

In each book, I try to put morally powerful people in morally challenging situations, and then leave them there for a whole.

I consider myself a morally strong person, but I’ve failed just like everyone else. I’ve learned from those falls, learned a lot.

Less painful to learn from another’s fall. Less painful, even than that, is to learn from a fall envisioned, foreseen and avoided.

As you read my books, my goal is that the vicarious experience will include foreseeing the moral, ethical challenges ahead of you, and giving you tools to prepare in advance to make the better choice, to achieve grace under pressure.

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