Monkees Head

[az]6305038694[/az]Finally saw the Monkees/Jack Nicholson movie Head last night.

It is bizarre.

Other than the obvious self-referential mocking of the insincerity of the media, it has no plot or point. It does have two Carole King songs, one Harry Nilsson song, two written by Peter Tork, and one by Mike Nesmith.

In one fascinating scene, after Davy Jones sings Daddy’s Song by Harry Nilsson, Davy and Toni Basil do a dance routine all dressed in white, against a black background—and the same routine dressed in black, against a white background. Scenes from each are cut together to make a single dance, sometimes flashing back and forth so fast it’s like a strobe effect. It is very cool, and uses no special effects whatsoever.

Most people won’t ‘get’ Head either because they wanna know what it ‘means’ or because it’s just plain bizarre.

Fine with me; most people don’t ‘get’ me either, and often for the same reasons.

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