Mom and Dad and Bets

This is an excerpt from an unpublished work.

“Jacob, are you even listening to me?” His mom always seemed to think he was ignoring her.

the music“I didn’t hear you. Sorry.”

“I’m standing right here. I’m glad you love reading, but honestly, you get so lost in those books. Are you going or not?”

“Aw, mom. It’s a bunch of girls and they don’t even like music.”

“You can talk to girls. And even, heaven forbid, people who don’t like music.”

She was tossing the dish towel lightly in one hand, fidgeting with it. She did that when she was nervous; what was she upset about?

“Alright, I’ll go. Do I have to enjoy it?” She rolled her eyes, but she was smiling. He’d behave like a good little, well, whatever it was. He wasn’t trying to be difficult; it was never that. It was just hard being around some people. Okay, most people. ┬áHis family was fine; Mom and Dad and Bets were like the characters in his favorite books. After you read them that many times, you don’t need to think to understand them, you just feel it.

“And when we get home you can clean this room.” Parthian, mom was; always that last shot. Usually the same last shot, too. She was going to have to change her tactics if she wanted to win this war.

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