Mexican Hot or McDonald’s Hot?

The unsuspecting patron takes a giant bite of his McBlazing Wrap. Whips crack. Flames spurt. Explosions.

The McDonald’s commercial is implying that this meal is hot. I can assure you, though, that while I might find it well seasoned, I wouldn’t be reaching for the sugar water to douse the burning sensation in my mouth. Because I spent half of my childhood eating in Mexico, my notion of spicy is quite different from most of the folks who frequent McDonald’s. And, in fact, from most of the folks who live around here. A friend across the state line once remarked, “Minnesotans think ketchup is hot”.

image by Charlie Balch

Why does McDonald’s pretend their meal is so spicy?

Because to their customers, it is. McDonald’s does not cultivate an ongoing relationship with people used to eating in the backstreets of Tijuana. And I know better than to look to McDonald’s for a spicy meal.

And that’s why you can’t market your book to “everyone”.

Some folks will find your book too spicy.

Some folks will find your book too bland.

Some folks, like Goldilocks, will find your book just right.

You can waste a lot of time and annoy a lot of people directing your marketing at everyone. Or by carefully choosing the words you use and the places and methods for your marketing, you’ll get more Goldilocks, less bear.

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