For 7 years I participated in February Album Writing Month. Short version: a bunch of loonies (over 10,000 last year) get together online and write a whole album of music.


That’s 14 songs in 28 days. It’s crazy.

So crazy that the forums are filled with thousands of songwriters talking about it. As if writing 14 songs in 28 days wasn’t busy enough.

Eventually the FAWMku tradition arose. (February Album Writing Month = FAWM = the prefix for everything about the event.) Someone always started a forum thread with haiku about songwriting.

And every year, some knucklehead called spinhead would drop in a limerick. (It reached the point that haiku authors would address me him by name before he’d even desecrated their thread.

One year, someone asked if there was a formula for limericks like the formula for haiku.

I couldn’t resist.

Because it’s hard to get the meter just right when you’re reading it, I recorded myself so you could hear it correctly.

Enjoy. Or, not.

Take five lines, rhyme A A B B A
Metered, oh, 9 9 5 5 9, say
Amphibrach? Anapaest?
Fit the words; that’s best
Add some wit, and you’ll be on your way

One thought on “Meta-Limerick

  1. This is a Hilarious post, Joel.

    I’m going to email you something you’ll like — on the subject of Limericks — so hang out a minute!

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