Marketing Strategy: No Budget? No Time? The One Thing I Would Do Is . . .

photo by Jan Willem Geertsma . . blog.

If I had to choose one marketing strategy to fit into an incredibly busy life and didn’t cost a penny, it would be my blog.

This blog automatically feeds every post to Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In. As soon as I sort the technical details, it will automatically post to Google+ and Pinterest.

(Update #1: I have an option to test a great-looking plugin to automatically post to Pinterist. If you sign up for it using my link, I get moved up the list for consideration. If you’re interested, sign up, and when I know more, you’ll know more.)

(Update #2: Google appears to block automatic posting and the only plugin I found crowed about circumventing this via an exploit in Google Voice. That’s not my thing. G+ will be manual, if at all, for now.)

In one fell swoop, it is delivered to fans, friends of friends, and suspects*, with no effort beyond the original blog post. Thousands of breadcrumbs leading back to the mother lode.

While I firmly believe that good marketing is well-rounded and includes chatting on the phone, meeting people at the coffee shop, traveling, and extensive online efforts, if you really have no budget or time, a single blog post a week is 49% of a full-fledged marketing campaign.

* suspects: people who should be doing business with you and just don’t know it yet

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