Love Music: Guest Post by Terry Wilson

[l1]M[/l1]y musical history with Terry “Pegleg” Wilson goes back years. We finally started writing music together a few years ago. He and his wife are like family. Terry’s intense love of music is one obvious reason we’re great friends.

Music is a beautiful thing! Right now my wife is in the kitchen making dinner. She grabs something or other and starts clapping two things together, pounding out a beat. Music is such a part of us that I really don’t know a single person that does not like music on some level. From the brilliant musician right down to the guy listening to the radio in the car, we all enjoy music.

Let me take you on a journey though. What if there was no music? No CDs, no tapes, no musical instruments. Nothing at all. What if no one had ever put 2 notes together?

How long would the ride in an elevator to the 100th floor take? Could you learn your ABCs with out the song? Maybe, but it would not be as much fun.

How many times have we as teenagers, hung out with our buds listening to our favorite tunes. Maybe we were out in the middle of a field with the truck doors open and the Garth blasting from the speakers while we sat on the tailgate. Or maybe we were cruising the strip and kicking the bass.

Imagine going to the movies without music. I am not sure that I could even take a romantic scene seriously without that gentle lullaby playing in the background. What about the big summer blockbusters? How lame would the action scene be without the over the top symphony production. Try to image the climactic battle in Star Wars without any music. Boring!

And what about relationships? I bet there is not one of us that does not have that song. You know the one. The one that brings back all of those memories of that special person. How would we serenade without music? Oh and there was the mix tape. What a perfect way to express the feelings that we just could not put into words ourselves. We would certainly miss snuggling up and sharing ear-buds with that special someone. What about a candle light dinner? How romantic would it be without some soft jazz playing in the background?

Since music adds beauty and energy to everything we do, we should consider it a valuable thing. It is important for us to show that we value it by supporting musical arts. Every time we spend our hard-earned money to buy the sound track from the movie we love, we do that. We show our support when we shell out our cash to see a live performance or download the latest song from our favorite band.

There are other ways to support music though. Keep in mind that every new song adds to the joy that others find in living. Even if it is just a little guitar riff the someone writes while sitting on the edge of his or her bed after school. All songs have to start somewhere.

Take the time to encourage music at every opportunity. Commend those who pour themselves into a song and are willing to share that with others. Help out where you can with what ever skills you have. Give music every opportunity to grow.

Because you never know how just one song can change a person’s life forever.

Live, love and share music.

We’re looking forward to spending a winter in Phoenix so we have plenty of time to catch up with Terry and Virgie. If you know a cheap place to rent for 6 months . . .

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