Lou Cowboy Blonde Concrete Junkies Reed

[az]B000002WCL[/az][l1]A[/l1] guitar-playing friend mentioned he was learning Concrete Blonde’s “Joey”, which of course made me think of Cowboy Junkies since they melded in my mind years ago, so I started talking about Lou Reed.

When I first heard the Cowboy Junkies doing a song the DJ claimed was called “Sweet Jane”, just like the Lou Reed song, I thought he was mistaken, then I thought it was just the same title. Those sentimental lyrics and the delicate melody certainly weren’t the rock and roll animal.

Wrong wrong wrong.

Add two really loud distorted guitars and speed it up slightly, and it’s the latter half of the vocal half of Lou Reed’s monster.

Which is the song Ted Nugent’s “Stranglehold” was trying to be, only without the anger and mayhem.

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