Look My Way: The Song That Confuses

Even the seasoned songwriters I shared this with when I wrote it 5½ years ago couldn’t come up with the mental image I thought was obvious.

Ah, language; so utterly inadequate sometimes.

After all this time I still haven’t decided if the title is Waiting or Look My Way. I’ll leave you to sort what you think it’s about.

You can listen to ‘Look My Way’ right here:

(guitar and lyrics by Joel D Canfield; vocal by Frances Riley; music by Joel D Canfield and Frances Riley)

Best BelovedIt’s warm in the park
Where I wait for you
Knowing you’ll come
Hoping you’ll come

The quiet in the park
Reminds me of you
You don’t have to speak
There’s no need to speak

    Waiting for you
    Is the best part of my day
    Even though I know
    You won’t look my way

Alone in the park
I wait for you
Hoping you’ll come
Knowing you’ll come

Maybe I’ll even find a link to the demo; preferably the one my friend Frances Riley did the vocal on. She’s co-credited on the music because she added so much to my very basic melody.

6 thoughts on “Look My Way: The Song That Confuses

  1. I like “Look My Way,” Joel. Because a few songs come to mind that use the title only once in the song itself, which makes them very cool, very compelling: Bijou (Queen), Innuendo (Queen) and Kashmir (L.Z.).

    This, of course, assumes that the refrain is only once and you’re showing the entire song here…big assumption, I guess, but it’s still my vote!

  2. “Waiting” only appears in the song once 🙂

    But I think “Look My Way” is what I usually call it.

    I’ve added the demo to the post so now you can even listen to it.

  3. I see the root word (which to me is the word itself) “wait” 3 times here, and it really stands out–to me–such that it is comes out as a main theme overall–especially if this is not the whole song.

    But I do understand what you’re saying, Joel.

  4. Hey! Sorry, I’m really becoming annoying now, but just listened to the demo, Joel. I just LOVE how short it is, as it does appear this is the whole song. The shorter the better, more to the point, and the pic of Sue Lynn sitting there really adds. If you made a single out of this, that pic should surely go on the front!

    Re “look my way,” another thing that draws quick and striking attention to it, the one, is that you negate it before it’s said: “won’t”! That’s perfect.

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