Look Back, Look Forth

A Look Back (at My Latest Book)

top-hat-arrivesWhen Lia London mentioned her penchant for writing Shakespearean sonnets on demand, after a brief exchange regarding the details she delivered this, the very first sonnet based on That She Is Made of Truth:

When Fortune’s flaming arrow shot him through,
Our Donovan betook a brand new life,
Not counting numbered columns right and true,
But in pursuit of his potential wife.
His dream career had vanished in thin air,
And yet he bungled on with fervent hope
That he could conquer ill fate with a flair
And not end up a loveless, jobless dope.
But chasing love comes with a hefty price
And “Hap’ly Ever After” holds no sway
Unless he throws aside what’s good and nice
And all he has believed until today.
   Will he prefer to jobless, wifeless run,
   Or face extinction at a killer's gun?

(Yes, it’s also probably the very last sonnet based on That She Is Made of Truth. Unless you want to try your hand. In case you’ve forgotten your college lit studies, here’s what makes a sonnet.

Side note: a chap I know named Erik Didriksen has published a book of Pop Sonnets: Shakespearean Spins on Your Favorite Songs. If you know the songs, the sonnets are painfully funny. If you’re a writer and/or a Beatles fan, try this one on for size.

A Look Forward (to My Next Book)

The first page of A Still, Small Voice, the second Phil Brennan mystery.

Listen to me reading the first page of A Still, Small Voice.

This will be my best book yet.

(Holler if the audio doesn’t work for you and we’ll sort things pronto.)

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