Learn to Love Marketing, or Give Your Books Away (or Both)

left, right, or middle?Almost every author I talk to wishes someone else would sell their books for them. The few exceptions are those who, by nature or training, enjoy marketing their books. They’ve learned enough to have a plan and to execute it consistently, persistently.

Even my wife‘s clients, who pay her large sums for social media marketing for their books, engage fully in the process. Those who don’t quickly become frustrated because she isn’t selling their books well enough, not realizing that’s not how it works (despite having that clearly explained at the outset.)

Here’s the good news: if you hate marketing and you don’t want to sell your books, you don’t have to spend another second on marketing.

Just give them away.

Doesn’t earn much, but you get out of all that marketing fuss.

If Plan B doesn’t appeal, if you were sort of hoping to make some money off this deal, nobody is going to effectively market your books for you. Learning the simple processes of running the marketing marathon will make it, if not enjoyable, at least endurable, to sell your books yourself.

Here’s the irony I’ve realized: one important step in a good marketing plan is to give your books away.

Learn to love marketing, or give your books away.

Or both.

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