Knee-deep in these folks and their shenanigans

“Could she have put Gil up to hiring me?”

“Why would she do that?”

I hadn’t thought about it. I was still slapping pieces into the puzzle to see what fit where. Would have been nice if I could see the picture on the cover so I knew what we were trying to piece together.

“No idea. But if she’d wanted him to do it, would he?”

She nodded. “Oh, yes. Absolutely. He believed every word she said, even if she’d said the exact opposite the day before.”

“And does she have reason to wish your father harm?”

That got a shrug. “Who knows? Like I said, we’re not close. She’s not close to father by any means. And it might have cost her a job.”

“Revenge doesn’t always calculate the risks first.”

But then, I hadn’t either, or I wouldn’t be knee-deep in these folks and their shenanigans.

This is an excerpt from A Long, Hard Look. To read the whole story, get your copy at Amazon.

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