I’ve never told anyone this before; not when it happened, not since.

When I was 13 our cat had 9 kittens. They lived in a box in my sister’s closet. When they were about a week old, a visiting child took them out of the box and put them on the cold tile-over-concrete floor to play with them. They all got sick. One by one over the next week 6 of them died, one every day.

I cried myself to sleep every night for a year. More than 45 years later it’s still hard to think about.

2 thoughts on “Kittens

  1. I’m a cat lover . Totally understand your sorrow. I’ve had seven cats since around 1970. All died of unfortunate circumstances. I still miss each one at times and especially Michelle. She was with me during a most difficult time in my life.

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