kill karaoke

karaoke kid artIsn’t it about time we put an end to karaoke? Bunch of amateurs.

Open mics, too.

Every year, 99.9% of high school marching bands are a waste of space. End them.

Night club dance floors. We have professionals for that. Go home and watch them on television.

Everyone from little kids to grannies thinking they have the right to draw or paint. If they’re not professionally trained and approved by the established experts in the field, take away their crayons and brushes.

And everybody and his brother who thinks they can write a book. Some people just aren’t writers. They have no right.

Somebody needs to stop all these dreamers before they destroy art.

2 thoughts on “kill karaoke

  1. Thank all the gods, I *know* you’re being facetious!
    There are far too many people (?) who seriously spout this kind of hyper-authoritarian drivel.

    Bright Blessings ~

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