Jonathan Fields and The Good Life Project

Another snippet from Tom Bentley’s blog. I’ll weigh in as well, because I love Jonathan Fields and the Good Life Project.

Jonathan is good at letting people talk. These aren’t interviews so much as led conversations. He’s not showing up with a list of questions to elicit the facts they want to share. He’s in the moment, helping someone he’s excited about share their passion with us.

His book Career Renegade changed my life. I’m still working on Uncertainty after my second reading, trying to move it from head knowledge to heart action.

Tom comments:

Jonathan Fields is a guy who almost seems like a data-delighted high priest of writing, with his winning blend of using logic, science and especially the human touch to plumb and understand the depths of communication. His Good Life Project is a probing, reflective series of interviews with people who have struggled in their work and personal lives and gained great (and instructive) ground in understanding and elaborating on the human condition. And how to live richly and well within that humanness. Fields is a fine author as well.

Jonathan Fields' Good Life Project

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