Jane Friedman: Writing, Reading, and Publishing in the Digital Age

Jane FriedmanAnother person Tom Bentley and I are both fans of: Jane Friedman. She spent a decade guiding Writer’s Digest. She has a wee bit of insight into what’s going on in the maelstrom of modern publishing.

Dig through her writing advice archive and read Tom’s comments:

Jane Friedman’s site and work examines with an analytical but empathetic eye the windings of many writing roads, from individual authorship to self- and traditional publishing to diverse matters of writing craft and business. She is on top of the latest developments—and offers clear interpretations from that peak.

2 thoughts on “Jane Friedman: Writing, Reading, and Publishing in the Digital Age

  1. Joel, I do appreciate that you are floating some of my comments about some of the writers/editors/publishing industry figures that we mutually admire. When do they hire us at exaggerated rates to write fawning press releases?

  2. Isn’t that your department? I thought you were covering that.

    D’oh. No wonder the bank account isn’t swelling.

    Hey, have I introduced you to Dave Bricker over at The World’s Greatest Book? You two could be dangerous together.

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