Is Self-Publishing Easy?

Well, if you equate self-publishing with uploading files to CreateSpace, yeah, that’s easy.

For reference, here’s my process. Less easy, I’d say:

photo by Andrew Beierle

  1. Start your marketing program: a regularly written blog, and meaningful generous comments on the blogs you believe your readers frequent.
  2. Write the book. (Shortest word count for one of these steps; longest hardest process in real life.)
  3. Developmental editing and rewrites, possibly many.
  4. Line editing and proofreading. Steps 3 and 4 aren’t necessarily strictly separate or sequential.
  5. Interior design, including paying attention to Dave Bricker’s notes on good typography, headers and footers, table of contents, index if necessary (more than one of my books has a good index) etc.
  6. Cover design including barcode for ISBN and price
  7. Now, upload the files to CreateSpace
  8. Start coordinating your launch: virtual blog tour, real life presentations, sharing with all your online and offline friends.
  9. Reformat for Smashwords’ criteria. As anyone who’s done it will tell you, getting into their premium catalog requires some pretty strict attention to detail and rigorously proper formatting.
  10. Reformat for Kindle. Yes, you can just shove the files up there, but if you want a usable TOC and other user features, it takes time and a little understanding of how Kindle works.
  11. Have you been doing your marketing all along? Continue it, while you . . .
  12. Write your next book.

Every step is vital to a quality book. It’s fun, but it’s still a lot of hard work.

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