I’ll Be Your Lover, Too

[l1]I[/l1][az]B000002KBD[/az]t fell into the hole left by Astral Weeks and Moondance. Van’s His Band and the Street Choir may not be their equal; that’s fairly subjective. But my subjective opinion is that it contains one song which, as yet, is unequaled in my life.

I’ll Be Your Lover, Too is the single most passionate song I know. There’s nothing overtly sexual in the song; it is, truly, about the overwhelming experience of two people being completely subsumed into a new, single entity.

The simplicity of the arrangement, just a couple guitars and shuffling brushed drums and cymbals, focuses attention on Van’s, even for him, intense vocal delivery.

The song’s ending is fun; as the music wraps, Van asks “How’s that?”

It opens with three promises most men never make, and those who do, rarely keep:

 I'll be your man I'll understand Do my best to take good care of you

The love I feel for my Best Beloved consumes me at times. I know she knows that I love her more than music. I only hope someday I can put into lyrics what she’s done for my heart and my life.

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