Hundredth Note

[l1]I[/l1]t’s been 300 days since I posted “Overture” and gave my obsession a voice.

Isaac Asimov, author of nearly 400 books, used his 100th as a retrospective of his impressive accomplishment; few authors ever reach their centennial publication. Asimov’s “Opus 100” is essentially his personal musings on those of his writings he was particularly fond of (or particularly embarrassed about.) I’m just cocky enough to take a page from his book.

Welcome to “Hundredth Note.” And, no, I don’t know what kind of time signature that would require.

My server logs show 8,346 visitors of whom 1,140 seem to be semi-regulars. Haven’t received a single response to my invitation at the end of Still Haven’t Found What You’re Looking For?. Come on; tell me who and where you are. I promise, I don’t bite, I don’t spam. Just curious who y’all are.Some hopes have yet to achieve fruition. We haven’t seen an official album from “Walkingbirds” or my good friend Shirley Kaiser; both are kept busy with their web design businesses and real life. Both are still eagerly anticipated. Haven’t received my copy of King L’s “Great Day for Gravity” but at least the new vendor had it in stock, and claims to have shipped it. No decisions on ‘Paris or Alaska‘; no ears nibbled; no links fixed. Still haven’t gone to see Wally’s Swing World again, and some of you still haven’t found what you’re looking for. Twice.

Random thoughts on reviews I hope you didn’t miss:

  • My favorite: Scheherazade—Still the best combination of pop/rock and classical music ever accomplished; still thrilling, musically and lyrically. If I could witness only one live musical event for the rest of my life, without hesitation I would choose Renaissance performing “Scheherazade.”
  • The David Gray collection—”See the Sun Spreading Wings of Gold“, “Putting Flesh on the Bones of My Dreams“, and “Falling Free“. David’s music, lyrics, and performing inspire me.
  • I took more than one trip during the past 300 days, most to visit friends and scenery in Arizona. One of those trips, along with things happening in my own life, gave rise to “While I’m Far From Home“, whose first paragraph feels more real every day.
  • It was touching that the first serious attempt I’ve made at writing about my father’s death solicited the first response I’ve gotten from the artist in question.
  • Twas fun to be mentioned in Mike Nesmith’s official newsletter after my review of “Laugh Kills Lonesome.”
  • Some geeky statistics: though a hundred entries in three hundred days is an average of one post every three days, eleven times I’ve gone more than a week without posting; the longest was 13 days. I’m working on that. 60% of the time I posted in less than three days, but those slack times bring down the average.

  • Desafinado” was one of the songs which drove my need to write about the music that inspires me. I failed utterly to put into words the delirious joy I feel every single time I hear this unique song. As Shirley wrote once, “How can one fully describe the fragrance of a fresh rose with the early morning dew on a fresh Spring morning? Words can only do so much…” Please, find Desafinado, get your favorite cold beverage, mentally put yourself on a sunny Brazilian beach, and experience one of the seminal moments in modern music.
  • On the other hand, Enya’s “Na Laetha Geal M’

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