How Personal Relationships Make Feedback Valuable

photo by peter ehrlich when we’re stuck a total stranger has our answer. It’s not the most likely avenue to resolve our writing challenges, though.

The stranger would have to discover that we have a problem, and they’d have to know the solution (or at least a solution.)

If you describe your writing challenge to me, I have a rare ability to see and hear viscerally which gives me insights which are valuable even to a complete stranger.

That doesn’t scale, though. I can only work with a handful of coaching clients at a time. Also, I’m expensive.

Posting your challenge on Facebook ain’t much help either. 99% of what’s said will be things you’ve already ruled out or which don’t apply because of who and where you are.

Better to have people in your life who do know who you are and where you are. They can skip the 99% and focus on the 1% which has the greatest potential to spark an answer in your brain.

That’s where they answer is, by the way. It’s not out there in the world. It’s in your own head. Any writing challenge which can’t be addressed by empirical data from a Google search will be solved by finding the answer in your own head.

Friends are simply the catalyst to light a fire to see by as you search for it.

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