House Hunt

Though we still think of ourselves as nomads, it’s time for a home, at least for a while. We’ve been renting rooms from a couple here in New Jersey. We’d like to stay in this area.

We’re just not well-equipped to live in someone else’s home. My cooking. Sue’s cleaning routines. Fiona’s noise. James’ upside down schedule.

There is that money thing, but over the past 4 months we’ve paid about half of what our own place would cost. With James living here we’ve added a bit to our expenses, but between rent and other changes, we only need $1,000/month more to make it all happen at least as well as it’s been happening.

At our current pricing, that’s one web project down payment per month. Surely we can find 12 people in the English-speaking world who need a website, and would like us to build it for them.

Or maybe that’s 2 custom WordPress themes for other design houses each month. Still, it’s not an unreachable goal.

I’d just like it to happen sooner than later. My Best Beloved and our Little One need their own place. Wouldn’t bother me any, either.

If you happen to stumble across a marvelous deal on a nice 2 or 3 bedroom place near Berlin, New Jersey, we’d sure love to hear about it.

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