House Concert August 24th

I’m finally inviting friends over to play music for them. Saturday August 24th, we’ll round ’em up after supper and I’ll play for an hour. Might be the first time my mom has really heard some of my music. First public performance of songs like Good Pair of Jeans, Into Town (maybe), This Path, How Much, and The Map so I need to practice just a bit.

If you’re in the neighborhood that night, drop by. There’ll be lemon bars and coffee.

Gordon Lightfoot
This is not me. From left to right: Rick Haynes, one of the reasons I’m a bass player; Gordon Lightfoot, one of the reasons I’m a songwriter; new guitarist Carter Lancaster

I couldn’t remember Lancaster’s name. Looking him up, I discovered that both of Gord’s earlier guitarists, Red Shea and Terry Clements, died; Shea in 2008 and Clements, who defined Gord’s modern sound, in 2011. Makes me sad.

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