Happy Heartbreak #2: It Takes All Kinds to Make a World

[l1]P[/l1]retty sure Roger never meant us to take this one seriously.

My friend and I went to the picture show in town
They called his name and said his house and just burned down
I took his hand and offered him my sympathy
When suddenly, I remembered that he lived with me

[az]B000WR1F78[/az]The chorus is a vague reference to the fact that it “takes all kinds to make a world” but that’s just so he can rhyme “I’m the kinda guy hard luck sure gives a whirl.”

The music is even more upbeat that Engine, Engine, #9 (there’s a wonderful thump thump thump kick drum like the crowd on a wooden dance floor) but then, the lyrics aren’t as genuinely sad.

When I was a kid I had no idea what this verse meant. Once I did, it became one of my all-time favorite skewed lyrics.

Last night I had the pleasure of her company
She said she’d like to see a whole lot more of me
I spent money like I had my pockets full
Now ask me how it feels to try to see through wool

Poor guy.

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