Gratitude Journal

Last summer I started journaling my gratitude in earnest; three things, every day, I appreciated. My goal has been to come up with three new things every day, so after the initial ease of listing my wife and daughter, friends, food, shelter, spirituality, it became a bit more challenging. Not that I don’t have plenty to be thankful for, but focusing on the moment, what am I grateful for right now? as opposed to one time there was this good thing and I think I remember it.

With almost 600 entries so far, it runs the gamut from “vinegar” (I love cooking) to “the coolest spring since we’ve lived in Arizona” while passing through “no more finger wrap for my arthritic finger” and “finding the patch kit for Sue’s bike tire.”

I’ve also mentioned over 60 people by name, endless features of nature right outside our windows, and things I try not to take for granted like indoor plumbing, air conditioning, reliable internet access, and working from the comfort of our own living, especially the part about working with my Best Beloved.

Thinking our gratitude isn’t as effective as writing it down. Writing has power, for ourselves, and to share with others.

2 thoughts on “Gratitude Journal

  1. JDC, I’ve been doing something akin to your gratitude journaling. I was doing it right when I went to bed, but found I did it more consistently when I woke up in the morning (the journal is on my bedside table). When do you write yours? I only take a few minutes—maybe I should go deeper.

    Hey, have you watched that new Scorsese Rolling Thunder tour movie? So interesting to see Dylan then and now, and see that he’s still the same elusive coyote trickster. Wonderful performances in the movie. Later, T.

  2. I do it in the morning, as part of my rather extensive “starting my day” routine. For me, it’s purely listing 3 things; takes longer to ponder them up than to type them out.

    I should move to hand writing them. I know it’s far more impactful (ew, what a word) than typing.

    Haven’t seen the movie, but I plan to. The man continues to intrigue.

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