Goodreads: Making the Decisions

GoodreadsOnward with our experimental Goodreads giveaways. Yes, plural.

Here are the questions we raised in the last post:

The sooner the better. A 1-week giveaway as soon as I can set it up, then a 1-week break, and another 1-week giveaway, to maximize the benefits of being on the “new giveaways” list and the “ending soon” list.
How many copies to give away?
One. This is an experiment. I see no value in spending more than the minimum until we learn something. The experiment with Story Cartel reminds me that even the perfect tool might not be perfect for me.

What countries should we include? How many can we choose?
Experimental thinking rules again: just the US, for now. Lowest shipping cost, if for no other reason. So far, virtually all my fans are in the US, with a few in Canada. Hey, if you’re in Canada and feel left out, let’s talk, eh?
Include a preview ePub copy?
I don’t see the overwhelming benefit. The book is well described at my site and on Amazon.
One book at a time, or three at once?
One at a time. Focus on A Long, Hard Look for now. Simplicity befits the experimental nature.

This week we’ll put all this in place, and next week, start reporting results.

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