Goodnight, Elisabeth

[l1]T[/l1][az]B000000OVA[/az]hat would be Elisabeth with an ‘s’ in case you didn’t catch that. (No, it’s not really pronounced differently, but we liked how it looks, and the Little One’s other middle name is ‘Rose’, another word pronounced like it’s spelt with a ‘z’ when it’s not.)

Recovering the Satellites isn’t as even as August and Everything After; it’s louder, too. But when I’m in the mood it works quite well, and it’s got two of my four favorite Counting Crows songs.

Elisabeth is a wistful song. Of course, lyrically, it’s hard to say what it’s ‘about’, but it’s wistful. Helped to a large degree by new guitarist Dan Vickrey’s flawless solo. (Massive digression: Is it Vickrey? David Bryson was also playing guitar at the time, and Bryson also plays dobro; the solo sounds very much like how a dobro player would approach an electric guitar . . . ah, well; liner notes fail once again to provide enough detail.)

So many guitar players confuse intensity with volume or speed. Not this time. Only 8 bars, 30 seconds, but it’s achingly intensely heartfelt without being loud or fast. Only a few notes, really, but each one is adding to the conversation. Subtlety; that’s what’s missing in most rock guitar. Not this time.

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