Ginger’s Images Are Ready

All Davina Kinney’s joyous and funny and scary drawings for Ginger, the Ship Captain’s Cat are ready for print.

Here’s one of my favorites, and it doesn’t even include Ginger:

Ginger Chapter 16 Another Storm

James is doing the first proofreading pass, then I’ll edit, we’ll proof it again, and format it for print.

Still planning to release Ginger into the wild before month’s end.

3 thoughts on “Ginger’s Images Are Ready

  1. I’m trying not to make everyone wait, but I sure seem to trip over lots of sidetracks . . .

  2. Aw, that’s ok!
    Now that I finally got my first book published, and that I got it into Smashwords and Amazon, I know very well that things don’t always go as planned and that it takes time!

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