Getting Ready to Prepare to Plan to Begin to Think About Writing My Next Novel

anodyneThe website said the first Jake Calcutta mystery anodyne would be released August of 2012.

Some of the delay has been life getting in the way. Some has certainly been procrastination.

The majority of it has been me driving myself to write a better book.

Through the Fog is a fun read. I’m working on (read thinking about) a sequel. But it’s not the serious mystery that will make people think I’m Chandler reborn.

I want anodyne to be that book.

I want every book in the Jake and Jade Calcutta series to be that book.

Study of writing craft has confirmed many things I’d taught myself. It has also filled me with knowledge I wasn’t going to come up with on my own, not for a long time and a lotta mediocre books.

I think I’m 3 months away from starting the significant rewrite of anodyne. 3 more months to do the work. Polishing. Publishing process.

That’s one year from now. I just updated the site to suggest “summer of 2014” and it’s already outdated. But since summer ends on September 20th, maybe I’ll make it.

One thought on “Getting Ready to Prepare to Plan to Begin to Think About Writing My Next Novel

  1. One of my academic friends calls it the ‘Berkeley Subjunctive’ in parody of journal articles like “Some Preliminary Thoughts Towards Setting Goals and Parameters for a General Theory of the Sociology of the Southwast Ingbo Tribal System”.

    Yet it is a for-real double-bind, in fact a triple-bind. You can’t turn out the quality of work you’re committed to without knowing exactly what you’re doing. You can’t write without writing. And you can’t achieve the stature some of us think you’re entitled to without building a solid corpus of work. ‘Corpus” as in: “While Canfield fans each have their favorites among the nine Calcutta books, they all agree that ‘Die, Darling’ and ‘Oh! Calcutta’ are right up there with the all-time greats.”

    It may be too that Resistance has many faces. If it can talk you out of writing anything at all by persuading you’re not prepared enough, it’ll do that. If you are not in fact prepared, it’ll talk you into jumping the gun to make you drop below your standard. And if can throw you off by telling you have to get the balance *exactly* right, you’ll only write three Jake books instead of nine. So not only do you have to be tougher than Resistance; you have to be smarter as well. Resistance has the easy job: it just has to mess with your head.

    “Theory makes the craftsman sure; imitation makes him versatile; practice makes him ready.”

    Good hunting.

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