• 3-day convention in Tucson
  • 3-day drive
    1. Tucson AZ -> Tucumcari NM
    2. Tucumcari NM -> Kearny MO
    3. Kearny MO -> Cameron WI
  • 3 days with friends in Cameron, in a big old rambling farm house and a nameless puppy waiting to be given to our host’s granddaughter as a graduation gift (she named him Winston.)
  • 4 days house-sitting at a gorgeous home buried deep in the woods with 2 friendly cats and 1 that’s a bit cranky
  • 1 of those evenings out on the lake, seeing osprey, kingfishers, great blue herons, turtles, and a muskrat


Working at more friends’ kitchen table because the internet equipment at the place in the woods died (and they’d made a special effort to upgrade their internet before we arrived, knowing we live and die by our internet access, but the ISP won’t be out to fix it until our last day there. Monopolies FTW.)

It’s been 65º-75º, with a breeze, some rain, and green green green.

Two more days in the lush country place, then we move to yet another place with friends who’ll be leaving after 2 days and we’ll be watching yet another cranky cat.

Then south to Madison to see special friends there, and further south to the St. Louis area to finally meet a dear friend who’s worked with us for years.

And finally, at the end of the month, across through Oklahoma City and Albuquerque to home on the last day of the month.

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