Forget About It

[l1]T[/l1]hese two subjects weren’t related in my conscious mind, but as I was writing this I realized that they were indeed connected.

Alison Krauss is renowned for her ability with a fiddle. What I don’t read about as much is her angelic voice. Perfectly controlled; delicate, but with clear evidence of latent power; sweet and kind. On the title track to her 1999 album “Alison Krauss' 'Forget About It'Forget About It” her glorious voice is nicely matched with her fiddle, Sam Bush’s mandolin, and Jerry Douglas’ dobro. A bittersweet song about finally giving up on a relationship in which bravado doesn’t quite manage to hide the tragedy of a broken heart. Sometimes it helps to sort out your own feelings when you give yourself over to a piece of music which reflects what’s already in your heart.

CDNow has abruptly decided to terminate their affiliates program. I’ve been asked to remove all their cover art from this site, and all links to their products. They recommend signing up for’s associates program. They don’t suggest a simple method for converting the approximately 250 existing links to albums at CDNow into linkage. requests that associates limit their use of cover images to 100 images. I’m already there. Do I need to get special permission to use more? Who knows.

The newsletter is careful to mention that “CDNOW will . . . continue to operate.” Why have affiliates been asked to remove links to CDNow products from their sites? You can imagine I’m asked about music and where to buy it quite often. Will I continue to direct folks to CDNow?

Forget about it.

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