Finding the Right Title

That She is Made of TruthWhen I started this book years ago, the title was anodyne (all lower case) and the lead character was Jake Calcutta.

And eleventyleven other things were different.

Everything’s changed; much adjustment to the story, which now features Jesse Donovan, instead of, well, the other guy.

Everything changed, but the title.

Until now.

The old title didn’t fit anymore.

Like renaming a child just before you send them out into the world, this is unsettling, but it’s still the right thing.

And so, the first Jesse Donovan mystery will be called That She is Made of Truth.

2 thoughts on “Finding the Right Title

  1. Joel, I like the title: oddly, it seems both modern and historical at the same time. I like the cover a great deal too—the word reversal and the lock/key theme work in the stark way they are rendered. Good stuff.

  2. Thankies. “Modern and historical” — this is the benefit of stealing from Shakespeare, ol’ Mr. Timeless. (Snipped from the first line of one of his sonnets.)

    There’s an old P.D. James or G.K. Chesterton cover that used a similar font, and for me, it fairly screams pulp fiction mystery.

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