Feeling Waterbox

[l1]I[/l1]f Tangerine Dream wrote soundtracks for Alfred Hitchcock, the results wouldn’t be far from Waterbox.

Besides masterminding WaSP, the Web Standards Project, Jeffrey Zeldman is the primary conspirator behind a collection of what he refers to as ‘ambient music.’ ‘Ambient’ comes from the Latin for ‘surround’, and allowing yourself to be completely enveloped in the music is the best way to appreciate it. When I first discovered Waterbox, I listened to the tracks as if I were listening to the radio on my drive to work. I didn’t get it.

Recently, I gave Waterbox another listen, but this time, with headphones. I was working on the redesign of another of my websites, and just let the songs loop while I worked. After while, I wasn’t so much listening to them as experiencing them emotionally. My propensity is to dissect a work, instrument by instrument, note by note, looking for the patterns and structure. Ambient music is better served (or better serves) by allowing yourself to feel what the composer conveys.

  • Tether Part7 — Awakening in a strange place, we find ourselves unwillingly embroiled in a mystery, experiencing the disorientation of discovery.
  • Invaders — Rather than fear, we feel strength. We are the invaders.
  • The Years — Yearning, across

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