Faster Horses II

holy-grail-of-author-marketing(Faster Horses was the title of this month’s newsletter. This is more on the same subject.)

“If I’d asked my customers what they wanted, they’d have said ‘Faster horses.'” — Henry Ford (attributed)

When I asked authors what they wanted, the universal response was “Someone to do my marketing for me.”

I’ve been racking my brains pondering a technology automation tool I could create to give struggling authors an effective marketing service they could afford.

Because, y’know, that’s what authors said they wanted.

Authors. What do they know? [insert sound of you pelting me with rotten fruit here]

What Women Authors Want

What you want is to spend more time writing and less time marketing, but still sell books. The assumption is that the way to achieve that outcome is “I want someone to do my marketing for me.”


The way to achieve that outcome is

  1. write more top-quality books, and
  2. have a great email list.

Authors who write more books sell more books.

Authors with a newsletter list full of fans sell more books.

And both of those groups of authors do it with less marketing, more writing.

There’s my mission: to help you write more great books and to build a solid email list of raving fans who want them.

Your Turn

Coming up on 400 posts here at Someday Box. Lots and lots and lots about writing better, writing faster, developing your email list and sending ’em good stuff.

What’s missing? What can’t you find, assuming it’s here?

What do you need from me to accomplish the Holy Grail, More Selling Through Less Marketing & More Writing ?

3 thoughts on “Faster Horses II

  1. The bulk of my marketing ends up happening through my personal fb page, which I hate doing. I do a post which auto links to my book fb page. Cool. Then it pops up on my personal feed, and I share it on my personal fb page. Not cool. BUT, I have experimented with not sharing it on my personal page, and I get almost zero exposure unless I put it on my personal page. Do I just suck it up and keep doing what I’m doing even though I don’t like it?

  2. Exposure you like, with value, or just eyeballs?

    Be where your fans are. If that’s your personal page, make your posts go there and put a post on your book page telling folks to follow you personally.

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