Falling Free

[l1]F[/l1]lesh – the title to David Gray’s second album is misleading, whether regarding the album or its title song. I’ll have to write about that some day.

Before reaching “David Gray's 'Flesh'Flesh” (track 10 on the album) you make a brief pass through “Falling Free”, a gorgeous piano and vocal tune. While many of David’s love songs are sad, this one is gloriously happy; passionate almost to the point of being spiritual. It’s hard to resist poetry like

 All of my senses overthrown by the might of your skin and the lamplight on your cheek


 See how the sky is made of sapphire the colours flowing through our hands the moon is fire in your hair a million miles beyond what science understands

Accompanied by marvelous music like “The Light”, “New Horizons”, and “Flesh”, this 1994 release is a must-have for the Celtic/folk music lover. Or for that matter, for lovers of all kinds.

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