Entropy is Our Natural State

When you plant flowers, you get flowers.

When you plant weeds, you get weeds.

When you plant nothing, you get . . .


In the absence of effort, weeds naturally grow.

Have you forgotten that everything is running down or growing weeds?

When you get frustrated that writing doesn’t come easy, that what’s in your mind doesn’t end up on the page, are you remembering that being less comes naturally, being more is very hard work?

Rudeness is easy. Manners take effort.

Fat and disease are easy. Health is hard work.

A friendless life will happen all on its own. Close long-lasting relationships can be the most difficult things we create.

Next time you feel the growing frustration at how your art is so much harder than you want it to be, you’re so much less than you wished, others aren’t doing their part, and everything is against you, remember entropy.

And remember that our purpose is to reverse it, to plant flowers and pull weeds, to create love and art and stamp out loneliness and pointless emotional pain.

As the good G. Matthew Sumner sang, when the world is running down you make the best of what’s still around.

That can be you, “the best.”

Fight entropy. Create art.

2 thoughts on “Entropy is Our Natural State

  1. I feel like there is a story in me, a thought, a wisdom by trial and error that i want to be heard. How do i focus it and make it something someone would want to read?

  2. Hulloo, Eva!

    You can’t focus what doesn’t exist. Start with the biggest brain dump you can manage. Sit down and write. Just free write, brain dump, stream of consciousness.

    It can be organized later. But trying to focus your story or message before it’s written is futile. By nature, you can organize and reorganize your thoughts until the cows come home. Writing your thoughts down in words makes them real (for our purposes.)

    Make them real. Then we’ll talk about focusing them.

    Make sense?

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