Dylan Goes Country

[l1]O[/l1]kay, he’s always had a huge country feel to a lot of his stuff, but last night, it was a very country-sounding show. Which, for me, was just fantastic. When it’s done well, I love country music; it doesn’t have to sturm and drang and clang to be good.

The arrangements, as usual, are totally different from the studio versions. I imagine over 40 years songs are bound to transmogrify a bit.

Bob Dylan's Greatest HitsThe one that was closest to the original was “Like a Rolling Stone.” Guess even he knows not to mess too much with perfection.

It also got the biggest roar from the crowd all night when he started the encore with it.

Not planning on waiting years and years to see another rock icon perform. I missed too many good shows over too many years.

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