Driving Miss Minnie

[az]6306012419[/az][az]B0002W4T4O[/az][l1]A[/l1]lthough I’m not completely up to date on actresses half my age (well, not quite) it was impossible to ignore Minnie Driver’s cuteness (I mean it in the best possible way) in the movie ‘Return to Me.’

Not long after I saw it for the first time one of my music magazines, probably the now-defunct ‘Tracks’, delivered a sampler CD with Minnie’s “Everything I’ve Got in My Pocket” on it. Driver was a singer before her acting career, so it’s no surprise that the vocals on the tune are warm and personal; just enough breathiness to sound intimate without losing the open friendliness in the lyrics.

Her second album was just released, meaning I’m falling behind, as usual.

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