Defining Resistance for Yourself

I recommend The War of Art to every single writer I meet. I have yet to get any response except “life changing!”

I fall squarely between Pressfield’s thinking and process (Resistance is a dragon, slay it) and Seth Godin’s (Resistance is an ally, use it.) I say Resistance is a bully, make it irrelevant. Note that I can’t say “ignore it” because you can’t ignore a bully. But if you defuse them, do things to take away their power, they are no longer a threat.

This, perhaps, stems from being a very small kid, reading at college level in kindergarten, skipping a grade early on. I ran home a lot in junior high school to avoid getting beaten up. Also I have two brothers, both aggressive, both bigger than me even though one’s younger.

I have far more experience dealing with bullies than with dragons. Or, truth be told, with allies, particularly dangerous ones.

Your own wording of who Resistance is and how to overcome it every single day is more useful than blindly accepting anyone else’s version.

Including mine.

6 thoughts on “Defining Resistance for Yourself

  1. Yessir, Pressfield’s stuff in general is great, and “War” greater greatness. I have a lot of experience dealing with the bully in my own mind (whose mother dresses him funny). Carry on, maestro.

  2. My bully tends to say, “It’s too late. Yeah, you really should have, but the ship has sailed and you’re still on the dock, so give up and go home.” As in, “You should have read that book twenty years ago, but at this point in life it won’t do you much good anymore.” Nevertheless, I’ll check it out. 🙂

  3. Christine, that is absolutely Resistance lying to you. It is not too late and the ship has not sailed. We are just reaching the point where the one-shot get-rich-quick writers are dropping off, and the field is clearing a tiny bit for the dedicated lifelong authors to come up for air.

    The best time to start was 10 years ago. The second best time to start is right now.

  4. I thought as much. Resistance can offer a lot of reasons why not, can’t it?
    (And if truth be told, I started writing when I was in my teens, so it’s time to cash in on all that practice.)

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