Comment: Meet Alden Marin

[l1]A[/l1] reader writes regarding Meet Alden Marin:

“Zeppelin’s first Southern California show was actually May 2, 1969 at the Rose Palace in Pasadena.”

I didn’t check Alden’s figures 😉 (He mentions their ‘first’ show at the Anaheim Convention Center.)

However, although the Rose Palace show was before they hit Anaheim in August, the first US tour made it to the Whiskey A Go Go (go, Buffalo Springfield!) on January 2nd, so LA wins. In fact, my old home town San Diego beats both Pasadena and Anaheim; the boys played the Fox Theater (now Copley Symphony Hall, one of the finest classical venues on the planet) on January 13th. It was their sixth SoCal date (the first five being a five-day run at WAGG.)

Thanks for writing (and for reading!)

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