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[l1]F[/l1]rom Leogennaro8:

“I too was mesmerized and stopped dead in my tracks as the credits began to roll, when I heard that voice and rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I didn’t even realize he was singing the timeless song because I was so moved by the voice and, although I am not a musician, I know when something is good. I was blown away and didn’t want the credits or this song to end. I skimmed through the bio and wanted to share my same feelings immediately because I, too, was blown away by the clarity of the voice, and reading the bio you say he is dead? What an absolute shame for such a talent that can move emotions to be gone. I am a bit confused though. Didn’t Finding Forrester come out after 1997? When did he record this?”

I wish it weren’t true, but Iz died in 1997 at the age of 38; it really affects my perspective that we were almost exactly the same age.

“Facing Future” was released in 1993, and Iz’s cover of “Over the Rainbow” was first popularized in the US when a portion of it, the intro of Iz humming the tune, was used in a commercial for eToys (they’re gone too, but it doesn’t make me as sad.) Even then, Iz was already gone. “Finding Forrester” was released in 2000.

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Extra credit: What other movie used Israel Kamakawiwio’ole’s version of “Over the Rainbow” on its soundtrack?

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