Coming About; or, Aiming the Boat in a Different Direction

Cap'n Fiona on the Star of India with Mommy and DaddySomeone described the method of steering a sailboat called “tacking” as first sailing in a direction to the left of where you want to go, and then sailing in a direction to the right of where you want to go. The process of shifting from left to right is called “coming about.”

Get on a sailboat and everyplace you want to go is against the wind. Forces external to the boat, such as wind and currents and other boats, cause you to adjust your heading, even if you haven’t changed your destination. That’s also a possibility: discovering that the beach you’re heading for is crowded, but over that way is an open spot you’d prefer.

Same with any business venture.

Businesses tack: they shift direction in order to continue aiming for the destination. External forces nudge you left or right, so you adjust. Or the destination wasn’t as clearly defined as you thought; the beach is crowded, so you choose differently.

Prepare to Come About!

After more than a year of zero sales of the Pathfinding Session, it’s clear that’s not what writers are looking for. I’m taking some time off from writing coaching and promoting Someday Box to focus on my own writing.

I’ll be working with a single client (the space is already filled) and continuing to write a weekly blog post and monthly newsletter. I’ve moved the blog to the front page since it’s now the primary focus of this site.

I’m always delighted to hear from my readers, from writers who need help or encouragement, folks who have questions about writing, indie publishing, technical matters. Don’t stop talking to me just because I’m not pursuing certain business goals, okay?

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  1. The Winds of Change- I get it.

    1-Will you still have ‘The Someday Box’ title for future blogs?

    2-Will that title still be relevant as you progress with other pursuits?

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