Clapton Is Not God

[l1]I[/l1][az]B0014KD46W[/az]f you’re my age you’ve read about the message ‘Clapton is God’ scrawled on subway walls (ostensibly right under ‘Frodo lives!’)

In an interview the the Cars’ Elliot Easton, they played word association with the names of guitarists. Easton’s response to ‘Clapton’ ? “Is not God.”

At the time, I thought he was wrong. Gutsy, but wrong.

A few nights ago, I changed my mind. Watching Clapton on stage (okay, on TV) with Steve Winwood, I was amazed at how inventive and unexpected Winwood’s solos were, while Clapton played the same solo in every song. Slower, faster, different keys, but essentially the same.

And yesterday, Best Beloved changed CDs in the van, and I realised that on Clapton’s Chronicles album, I only like one of the first six tracks.

No, I’m not tossing my copy of “From the Cradle” or “Disraeli Gears” but I’m also not saving up to see him next time he comes to town.

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4 thoughts on “Clapton Is Not God

  1. I have seen Eric clapton play in person the only thing i was dissapointed in was the acoutic version of layla but his guitar playing was amazing live. he is truly a legend of the strat!

  2. No doubt about it, he’s a great player.

    I’ve reached the point that I’m looking for something new and different, which is not where Clapton tries to go.

    Thanks for dropping by, Guy. You should oughta hang out here more.

  3. well only guy new and differnt i think is JACK WHITE white stripes check him out !
    oh will do drop by im recording stuff now and would love your input!

  4. I ignored Jack White until I saw “It Might Get Loud” and then I wondered why I’d ignored him. Serious player, way different attitude.

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