Catching Up with My Fiction

writing habitsDaily writing has become a habit. I’ve had a fairly fixed morning routine for a few years. Adding one more item to the end, using the old end as a trigger, was far easier than I expected.

It helps that I made my writing sessions 15 minutes. It feels even shorter than it sounds, but I make progress every day.

I’d waited out December and January while beta readers went through the “finished” book (hah!) and spent that time working on putting down the words for the next one.

The comments are in, and my beta readers saved this book. Excellent feedback which nudged me to rethink a few big items which I would otherwise have had to live with forever.

Rewriting the first book isn’t always going to fit into 15-minute slots. I’m expanding to 20 minutes a day, but I think I’m going to have to add a 2-hour writing slot each week if I want to fit in some of the denser, more involved reworkings.

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