By the Time You Read This Anodyne Will Be Done

Anodyne-cover-2015Best Beloved has been patiently listening as I rummage through piles of notes, paper and digital, to list every single task left to get Anodyne ready for my editor. Once that’s done, I estimate the level of time and effort for each, we lay out a work plan for all the tasks, and I go to work.

Getting my marching orders from her makes me more productive, despite the fact that I make it all up myself. The email with the spreadsheet comes from her, and that’s good enough for my subconscious. Go, mental quirks.

I was on a roll Wednesday and finished that day’s work, plus Thursday’s and Friday’s, too.

So all that’s left is Monday’s. Which, I think, will be done today.

Two passes through the document: one to punch up the thematic emblem (a physical object I realized I was unconsciously using to symbolize loyalty) and to add snippets of dialog to emphasize the dissonance between how the protagonist, Jesse Donovan, sees himself, and how others see him (one specific aspect of his personality, but an important one related to the loyalty theme.)

It sounds like a lot going through the whole manuscript, but I’ve been through it so much I already have an inkling what goes where. And some of it’s already done, written in the first draft by my unconscious.

Okay, maybe you’ll read this before I finish all that, but if I do my work today, Tom will have a new project to work on next week.

3 thoughts on “By the Time You Read This Anodyne Will Be Done

  1. Good for you!
    Are you taking any kind of a break, now? (I probably already know the answer to that – “What is this “break” thing you speak of??” 😉

  2. When it comes to writing mysteries, the “break” is all the fun of dreaming up a new book from scratch — before the hard work of finishing happens somewhere down the road.

    The variation of the writing cycle keeps it interesting at every stage, but especially this: that the most fun comes right after the hardest work.

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