Better a Kansas City Star Than an Omaha Nobody

[l1]I[/l1] love singing along with Kansas City Star. It’s one of those silly songs Roger wrote that leaves out all the struggle and heartache, and puts in everything that’s right with our hearts and heads.

Besides, how often do you get a trombone solo and scat vocals in a country song? Yeah, Roger had a hard time coloring inside the lines.

[az]B000W1XIAG[/az]The letter from Omaha offering a better job with higher wages, an expense account and car? Nah. When you’re the famousest guy in your small town, why would you give all this up?

I drive a big old Cadillac with wire wheels,
Got rhinestones on the spokes
I got credit down at the grocery store
And my barber tells me jokes
I’m the number one attraction every supermarket parkin’ lot

Give all that up to be a cog in the machine in Omaha?

No thanks, Omaha, thanks a lot

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