Being on the Dangers of Badly Designed Bathrooms

It seemed unlikely we would come to terms, this shower stall and I
It seemed unlikely we would come to terms, this shower stall and I
I looked up as the shower needled my, I suppose “lower chest” would be correct though not necessarily medically or anatomically accurate (I apologize in advance to those who know what things are called for being fairly loose in my terminology – but just this once). As I say, I looked up and noticed that the mini-blind wand (see previous apology) was inside the shower as was I.

At first it seemed as though the blinds had been installed a bit too wide at the top and cut to width around the shower. Further reflection during my aqueous impalement suggested another answer for the strange inverted L shape. It appeared that the almost human-sized glass box I was in had been installed after the window and blinds already existed.

Since the bathroom was only just larger than many showers I have used in the past, perhaps originally the entire room was used for bathing with, perhaps, a drain in the center of the floor. But once other amenities like toilet, sink and floor (composed of a material which I hesitate to say looked like wood for fear anyone would get the impression I believe there had ever been a wood that looked like this but, instead, intend to imply the belief that somewhere someone believed that the surface of this material may have resembled something which others would believe looked like wood) were included, a shower enclosure made sense. Or rather, seemed de rigueur.

Whilst pondering the architectural anomalies I dropped the soap and discovered another ingenious invention. The two shower doors, half-size, which slide at right angles to each other allowing almost enough room for ingress and egress, also allowed the protrusion of certain nether parts while bending down to retrieve one’s Irish Spring. Because, since perhaps it’s not obvious, they must be opened before such bending occurs.

Fortunately, the material on the floor not actually being wood, it seemed unlikely that a little splash would hurt much.

Although it was possible this shower head might drill through to the basement, recreating the drain which had clearly once existed.

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  1. It was actually better than the one in the hotel we lived in for a month on our last pre-residency visit. I literally could not turn around without opening the door first.

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